Review: Mimi Holliday Banoffee Pie Comfort Bra

By 9:02 AM

I've been eager to try Mimi Holliday's youthful and sexy designs for quite some time, so I'm happy to finally share my opinions about the Banoffee Pie Comfort Bra!

I ordered this beauty from Journelle in size 28F, and within two days, a beautifully wrapped package with roses and Journelle's signature rich purple tissue paper arrived with Banoffee Pie inside. My first impression was that, compared to the photos I had seen online of the Banoffee Pie collection, the contrast between the pastel pinks and blues was more pronounced than I had expected, but the color scheme still worked wonderfully and gave the bra a very delicate look. It looked like something a princess would wear.

I must say that the quality of this bra was absolutely impeccable. While I would expect comfortable fabrics and good construction from a higher end label like Mimi Holliday, the feeling of the soft eyelash lace and silky trim against my skin far exceeded my expectations. 

Although the appearance and quality of this bra were some of the best I've come across, much to my dismay, the cup construction of the bra did not flatter my bust at all, so back into the purple paper it went.

The main reason for the poor fit was how the single-seam construction of the cups meshed with my own shape. Usually, unlined bras in my size range are made with a three-part cup or with two or three vertical seams that create a rounded shape. In the comfort bra, I found that the seam ended right where my nipple starts and created a pointy shape without much lift.

While the fabric was very soft, I found that even in a 28 band, the bra felt a bit loose and I did not feel supported, even just wearing it around my room for a couple of minutes to test the fit. Perhaps this is due to the single column hook construction, or maybe it's the nature of the fabric itself. I'm unsure if most Mimi Holliday bands run stretchy since I haven't explored the brand much before now, but since many of the bras start at 30 bands now, I'm afraid I will be sized out. However, I know that in many brands, there is great variation in the stretchiness of bands among styles, so I may be just fine in other bras. The Banoffee Pie Comfort Bra is available in sizes 28 B-G and corresponding sister sizes up to 40 bands.

I am definitely eager to try more of Mimi Holliday's styles, since in every range, they offer have many bra constructions to choose from. I think the Maxi construction might work great for my shape, as well one of the padded plunges. 

What do you think of Mimi Holliday? Have you tried the Comfort bras?


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