Review: Ewa Bien Artemis

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Ewa Bien is Polish brand I've followed from afar for a long time, but I've been too nervous to take the leap and order online directly from the online store, so when I saw Artemis listed in my size on Bratabase, I snagged it right away.

First, let's take a step back and admire talk how freakin' gorgeous this design is. The rich purple, the large symmetrical floral design, the sheer cups and the decoration on the gore... just gorgeous. Many designs from Ewa Bien feature an array of bright and pastel colors, lots of florals, and unique laces.

Ewa Bien sells several different styles of unpadded, semi-padded, and fully padded bras in 60-85 bands, A-K cups (different ranges for different styles). This particular model is called B130 and it is an unpadded balconette with a single vertical seam and reinforced sides for extra support. I took a 65F, which is approximately a UK 30E. Artemis is an older model from the AW '12 collection.

The B130 features open cups and gives a very nice rounded shape from the side and front, however it's not an in-your-face cleavage look. The wires are quite wide - they extend at least one or two finger widths past my natural root, but usually too wide wires are something I can deal with - they're not painful, just not perfect for my shape.

However, the one deal-breaker with this gorgeous bra is the band - it was far, far too loose. It almost fits like a 32 band, and I need a 28 or tight 30. I can pull it away from my body several inches, even on the tightest hook. According to Miss Underpinnings' Polish brand comparison, bands have gotten much firmer in later Ewa Bien collections, so perhaps this isn't such an issue in newer bras.

I would really recommend this bra for ladies with wider roots, fuller on top breasts or shallow shapes. I can't say much about Ewa Bien's other models, but I believe the brand has a general reputation for being shallow friendly, so it's definitely worth a try if your shape sounds similar to that description. I'm definitely pretty disappointed that this bra didn't work for me as far as wire width and band size because it's so pretty, but I'm open to trying other models in the future.

Also, just a heads up, but I'm on a giant Polish lingerie kick right now, so I'm going to be reviewing lingerie from two more Polish designers in the coming weeks, as well as new arrivals from Ewa Michalak!

What do you think of Ewa Bien? What is your favorite Polish brand?

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  1. Oh my ghaaad it's gorgeous. Now I want to try them. thanks :P It looks beautiful on you!

  2. :) You should try, definitely! I am curious how the new designs fit in the band. The quality is so nice for the price point.