Review & Giveaway: Intimate Britney Spears Anemone

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I am usually not particularly captivated by celebrity lingerie labels and they are rarely offered in my size range to begin with, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that superstar Britney Spears had launched a new line that I could actually try for myself. The Intimate Britney Spears collection features some pretty but rather safe styles of bras, panties and loungewear. The collection was designed in collaboration with Change Lingerie, a Danish lingerie brand popular in Europe and Canada, and includes sizes 30-42 A-J (in EU sizes, so that's A-GG in UK terms). In each of the themes within Britney's line, there are a number of styles of bras offered that cater to both smaller and larger busts. 

When I contacted the Intimate Britney Spears team complimenting the aesthetic of the new line, they were happy to send me my choice of a piece to review on the blog. My favorite design, by far, was the Anemone 3/4 padded underwire bra, a black patterned bra with decorative straps. I've been loving the new cage bra trend that's popped up in the collections of many lingerie designers lately, so getting to try one in my size was really exciting!

I took the Anemone in a 30G, roughly equivalent to a UK 30F. The first thing I noticed about the bra was how soft it felt. Even though it looked very sexy in the pictures, I was afraid a strappy design would be uncomfortable and irritating on my finicky skin, but luckily the fabric is of nice quality for the reasonable price point. 

The cups are covered in a geometric lace which I found to be an interesting touch - a bit more textured than I had expected from the photos on the website, but still relatively smooth under clothes. 

The band runs straight across the back rather than the U-shape I prefer, which feels a bit less supportive but it's not a deal breaker. However, this construction might be an issue closer to the end of the size range that will require more support. I also found the band to run fairly loose for a 30 as well - a 28H would have been better for me. 

Unfortunately, for my narrow and moderately projected shape, the Anemone wasn't the best fit. I've never tried any other cuts from Change, but I've heard that on average, they run shallow and wide - I definitely found the Anemone to be consistent with that. Here, I'm demarcating where my actual breast root ends to show how much extra fabric there is in the cup. I can't fill out the bottom of the bra because the cups are too shallow for my shape and the wires extend considerably past my roots.

Based on my own experiences, I think this bra would be absolutely perfect for women with wider and shallower shapes that prefer a looser band. It's a really lovely bra, and definitely affordable at a $49 price point. I am very happy that a high profile celebrity like Britney Spears has launched a line that covers a much wider size range than most American retailers. Of course there are many women outside of the 30-42 A-J size range, but I think this is a very solid start. I genuinely hope that more women in the US realize that the bra alphabet doesn't end at DD and band don't start at 32 - the US lingerie market is probably a decade behind the UK in terms of fit education!

For another point of view on the Anenome closer to the end of the cup size range, please see Sweet's wonderfully informative review of the piece. 

Now, the part you've all been waiting for - the giveaway! The Intimate Britney team sent me another Anemone in size 36B to give away on the blog. For a chance to win your own Anemone, please leave a comment with your opinion on the new line and follow me on Twitter! I will choose a winner two weeks from today on November 23rd. 

This piece was provided by the Intimate Britney Spears team for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Hey!

    I'm a huge Britney and lingerie fan, so when I heard that she's gonna do her own underwear line, I was super excited!!!
    I love how diversified the collections are, even though I would have loved if there would be some more colourful pieces.
    I've already ordered the Clematis set, it fits perfectly, the quality is great and I just feel sexy and confident wearing it! ;)
    The Anemone bra also caught my eyes because of all the details on it and because I always wanted a cage bra, but never found one that I truly like. So it would be amazing if you would pick me - and lucky me, 36B is just my size!!! :)

    Byeeee :)

  2. Nice review :) I wear the same bra size as you and have been tempted to get this bra for a while, but I'm waiting until the red pieces featured at the launch become available as I think I might like one of them more, can't make my mind up!

    1. Are you talking about the Cherry collection? It's already available. :)

    2. So it is, and there's one bra I love. Thanks :D

  3. I love this bra, super sexy. I followed you on twitter @sordsmith

  4. Great review. I had no idea this line existed and am glad to find out. Is it available in stores or online only? This is definitely something I'd love to try! Followed on twitter: @raomeenas

  5. As a big Britney Spears fan, I (of course) went to the stores here that sell Intimate Britney to try the pieces on. Unfortunately, there aren’t any Change stores here in Holland and a few selected stores sell a few selected items. I have yet to find a store that sells the Anemone… So far I have not been able to try that piece on, but I am so curious because it is one of my favourite pieces. It is so pretty. I hope you will consider me for the give away, so I can have a chance to see how it fits and what it feels like. I am curious to find out if I feel the same about it as you do.
    I followed on Twitter, of course, as @Kimmutje. I hope you will consider me for the give away. Thank you!

    1. I drew a name and you're the winner!! Please email me at with your details.

  6. This is such a pretty bra, It's the first time I seen her line and can't wait to see more. Since I'm lucky enough to wear a 36B I'd love to be entered in your giveaway.

  7. I follow on twitter (dlw447) and I like it. It's fun and adds a little excitement to something we wear every day and can make boring.

  8. WOW!! This is really great article and I liked your collection of britney spears naked images. She is very pretty and I liked her natural beauty. Can you share some videos and images if you have?