Review: Valentine's Day Picks from Curvy Kate

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Although I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day with flowers and candy, that doesn't mean I don't use it as an excuse to spoil myself with some fun lingerie. This year, two vibrant pieces from Curvy Kate's AW14 collection caught my eye and I wanted to share my thoughts on them.

Meet the Daisie and the Dare. 
First up is the Daisie plunge in a festive red color. The construction of this bra is solid and sturdy, with a cup consisting of 3 seams and offering a lot of coverage. The bottom portion of the cup is made of a thicker material adorned with a small daisy print and the lace on top is sheer with oversized flowers. The band features 3 rows of hooks and eyes and feels secure. In the past when I tried the Princess, I loved the design and shape but found some of the raised embroidery to be a bit irritating on my sensitive skin. This bra is much softer and more pleasant to the touch.

I took a 28FF in this bra, since I found 28F to be too closed on top for my shape in other Curvy Kate bras I've tried, like the Princess. Although I think I chose the best size, the cut of the bra isn't ideal for me. I am generally in between 28F and 28FF, but the 28FF wrinkles at the top since I'm petite and have short roots. This is a really common problem for me, though, so I often size down and deal with a bit of spillage to combat the wrinkling. If I altered the height of the cups to fit my frame, I'm confident I would get a much better fit in the Daisie. Additionally, I have some wrinkling on the sides since the wires are too wide, but those could potentially be bent to be narrower.

The band is one of the firmest and most supportive ones I've tried thus far, so that gets an A+, in my book especially since I'm bordering on a 26 band these days. The style of the band feels like a nice, firm hug on my ribcage.

I would recommend this bra for ladies with more projection and taller & wider roots than myself, but it's a solid choice anyone looking for a plunge with fuller coverage.

Next, I tried the Dare. I was enamored with this design when I first saw it in the AW14 catalog last year and was so excited to finally try it. The vibrant raspberry color of this piece is complemented with delicate grey bows at the gore and straps and adorned with iridescent silver thread on the edges of the cups. 

Although the cut of this bra is very similar to the Daisie, it's not as projected, wide or tall and fit me much better! The band felt exactly the same - nice and firm. The size consistency is encouraging for future purchases, since too often band tightness varies wildly between styles. I am much more fond of this bra on my frame and between the two, I would recommend this design if you're looking for something a little different this season.

I mean, just look at that embroidery! 

All in all, I am very pleased with these two bras, even though the Daisie didn't quite agree with my shape. The fabrics are of high quality and Curvy Kate 28 bands are some of the most comfortable and supportive ones that I have tried. Both bras come in 28-38 D-J, which certainly isn't all-inclusive but covers a great range of sizes.  I look forward to further exploring the brand and the upcoming sister brand, Scantilly. 

What's your favorite Curvy Kate bra? Have you treated yourself to any special purchases in preparation for this year's Valentine's Day? 

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  1. Glad to read your review of Dare, I have been eyeing it but my former experience with Curvy Kate is that their wires are too wide for me and the band used to be very stretchy, like you I also lean towards a 26 band and Curvy Kate used to be one of those brands where a 26 would come in handy. Given that they seem to have fixed the band and you general appreciation of the Dare model I might go for it as I absolutely love the color mix. Even though I couldn’t help noticing that the band and fastening look different from the images I had seen (with 2 hooks and lace on the back, 3rd picture, and that makes me a bit sad because it was one of the details I liked the most and thought set it apart, bra backs are usually so plain.

    1. Hey Ana,

      Thanks for your reply. I think the Dare in a 28 is definitely a good one to try if you need a firm band. And you're right, the band is very plain unlike the one you posted above.

      However, I've learned recently that models are photographed in a sample garment and sometimes the company makes final tweaks to the design after the photoshoot.

      Alternatively, perhaps there is a size cutoff where the band becomes 3 rows instead of 2? But I don't see why they would include the pretty embroidery only on the smaller sizes, so I'm inclined to say they did away with it entirely :(

    2. I also think they must have removed it, which is a shame as I really enjoy that kind of detail in lingerie, but it is still a pretty set in an unusual color mix.